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It’s time to get to know our 

Social Media Queens…

Christie Freer, Founder 

Hi there, I’m Christie!

For as long as I can remember, I loved creating cool stuff. I always knew I wanted to turn my obsession with capturing content & creating memories into my full-time job. After getting my Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing & Master’s Degree in Business Management, I headed to the big apple to work in Marketing - truly a dream come true.

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I spent 5+ years in various different industries working in Digital Marketing & Client Experience. I come from a big family of small business owners and I was taught to hustle since I was a kid. While working full-time, I started free-lancing in social media and quickly realized working with brands to develop content sparked a fire in me that corporate america could never match.

I worked tirelessly to build my list of clients & expand my skills in every social platform. Fast-forward to today, here I am - the owner of my own growing social media agency (crying in the club just typing this). My goal is to help every brand I work with break through the clutter. Social media is an evolving space & let’s be real - finally a space that’s getting the respect it deserves. When you have a strategic and unique strategy that's custom tailored for YOU, powerful things happen.

My favorite part about what I do

is connecting with people. We keep it professional, but we truly treat all our clients just like a best friend.

When I’m not trolling TikTok and IG Reels for the latest trends,

you can find me spending time with my family, overspending on a new outfit & indulging in chicken nuggets or pasta on the weekends 😉

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Let us make creating content FUN again.

Isabelle Hanke, Director, Social Media Content 🎥

Hello everyone, I’m Isabelle! 

I’ve always been drawn to creative work but only recently was able to turn it into my full-time job, I feel like I’m on cloud 9 ☁️. I love the entire creative process from concepting ideas, to filming, to editing, to sharing my work with others. What started out as having fun on TikTok quickly turned into a passion for capturing video content. 

A fun fact about me is I was born in Sweden. Growing up in Europe has given me a deep love for travel and exploring new places and cultures. I saved up and bought my first DSLR camera in middle school and have loved photography ever since. Back in the day I would post content on my blog. Flash forward to today, I’m still posting content but now it’s through social media and it’s become my actual job, I can’t believe it!

There’s a sense of community with social media that can be so special. I love connecting with other people through creative content – it makes you realize we really are more similar than we are different. My favorite part about working with our clients is really getting to know each individual brand, what makes them special and how we can help share that through our work. 

I’m a...

virgo (super planner), golden retriever lover, food obsessed (italian, greek, mexican - i love it all) and I’m so excited to be here on this journey! 💫

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“The team is phenomenal to work with. They are professional, knowledgeable, and always on time. They truly understand social media platforms and make great recommendations to increase our engagement. They take changes and feedback in stride, with a positive attitude and are really a delight to work with. I cannot recommend them highly enough!”

Ellie Chamberland, VP of Marketing @ The Howard Hughes Corporation

“I have been using IRL Media’s service for years and the team has been outstanding. They have taken the stress away from social media! As a small business operator, I recognize how important social media is when trying to grow your business. IRL Media has been a huge part of our growth and has over delivered in every way. From graphic design, to social media strategy, there is no one better!”

Anthony Licitra & Sam Lane, Director of Operations @ F45 Training

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